Jan 31, 2011


dis week we'll be given 3 quizzes!!!!
omg!!!!!! (n i juz missed 1 quiz yesterday coz overslept)
there r a lot to read even we were juz finished chapter one for all the subjects...
but we're talking bout chpter one, which is more to facts, n i hate that!!!!!
i preferred calculating n writing (essays) quizzes!!! not facts!!!!

List of my quizzes dis week.

  • Computer Organization & Architecture / Jan 30 (missed)
  • Fundamental Of Programming / Jan 31 (today)
  • Database / Feb 1st (tomorrow)
we call it 'A Boxing Week' (term taken from Barclays Premier League 3-game-a-week)
totally will mess up in these quizzes!!!!

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